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MyTalentBuilder is an incarnation of the talent theory I developed and describe in my books. The tool offers an insight in a person’s individual talent profile, and as such it is a great first step in every coaching session or workshop.

Luk Dewulf (author of Go with your Talent)

Discover your talents in three steps

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    THE 360° TEST

These three steps will allow you to identify the elements in your unique talent profile. The more steps you complete and the more items you fill in, the more reliable your Summary of Talent and the associated tips will be.

Discover your talent

Through simple self-tests, discover your own talents, in which context they will flourish, what you need to watch out for and what you can work on to make improvements.

Is your talent the BUSY BEE?

I charge my batteries by being involved in useful and meaningful activities. At the end of the day I want to feel that I have achieved something, otherwise I will be frustrated. When I find myself in a situation I can’t get away from and that doesn’t interest me, I become restless and think of all the things I could have done with my time. Relaxing is a conscious choice and not something I do spontaneously. I hardly ever do, though, because I always see work that needs to be done.

What context suits you most?

You need to be in an environment where you feel you can do meaningful work, where it’s pleasantly busy, and where you can do meaningful and practical jobs. You are not suited to environments where people constantly talk about vague ideas. For you it is important to not be too dependent on other people in your work, because they would hold you back.

Leverage skills

Build in structure and rest moments, because before you know it you do more than you actually can. Learn to take a step back and observe what you are doing: ask if it is important enough, set your priorities, select and plan. Be aware that sometimes it is useful to stand still for a moment before you continue. You very much want things to progress, but try not to take work out of people’s hands. Give them the opportunity to set their own pace.